Summer Time Weddings Got Me Busy Like Whaaat?

Summer time weddings got me busy like ‘Whaaat?’

Dinner plans and menus got me losing the plot

Thought I had it in me to me a wedding planner

Never thought I’d lose my hair and develop  a stammer


It’s been nearly a year since I made the transition from wedding photographer, to full blown wedding planner.

I have a headset like Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding. I shout at amateurish caterers and I tell Best Men to get a grip.

You are everything to me, Julia.

I slap jealous bridesmaids silly, I sober up Father of the Brides and I’m slowly losing my mind.

Although, more and more couples are choosing to hold their weddings during the winter (prices are always cheaper at venues around December), the summer is high-season for most prospective couples.

When I took the leap into a brand new career, I knew it would be hard work. No more prancing around with a camera, making friends with all the guests. I’d now be responsible for the entire day.

A wedding planner’s job starts a lot earlier than you’d expect.

stipid wedding

Strike a pose, steal a nose.

Through this blog and it’s sister site, I receive a decent stream of enquiries and requests. These are usually made a good year and a half before the wedding day. My usual clientele are young, rich couples. They’re adorable. Blissfully in love and loaded with cash. They’ve decided to get married, got as far as booking a venue and then started tearing each other apart over every other decision.

That’s where I stop in and say:

“Calm yourselves children. I’m here for you. Quiet yourselves and listen to me. My name is Suzanne and I’m going to ensure that your wedding will be the best day of your lives. I will make every decision, design every detail and dedicate my days to decorating your desired venue…for the right price.”


Channel Jeepers Streepers if you want to instil a Motherly presence on young couples.

They look at each other, nervously gauging each other’s reactions, wondering if they’re pockets are deep enough.

I know they are.

I don’t have x-ray vision, I’ve just taken a look at their brand new Audi Q2 and know they’re good for it.


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