Secret Tricks for Wedding Photography

I got some tricks up my sleeve y’all! You know I do! For a lot of people their wedding day is their big chance to be a star! Everyone will finally be looking at them and they can feel like they are, for one fleeting moment, a member of the looked-at, rather than just another one of the look-ing.

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Such is the world we live in, where there is this divide. The only way to truly exist is to be seen, but those who are seen most often tell us that it is not a good existence. But it is an existence. One of the strangest (to me) but most common requests I get is for a wind machine. People want to look like how the stars look on them there movie screens.



I’m not sure why wind is so popular in portrait photography, I guess it gives the illusion of movement which makes an image more natural maybe? Because in real life, outside of the photographs, things move. Maybe it is because it looks like they are rushing toward you, and so might love you? All I know is that people were very keen for me to give them the wind treatment,  so much so that I had to buy an industrial fan! I’ve actually have had to buy many fans over my career (to any budding wedding photographers out there I finally settled on as the best supplier, mainly because they were happy to talk to someone outside their normal client base and because of their warranty deal) I’ve gone through about 15 normal ‘domestic’ fans and 8 proper industrial fans since starting to photo weddings about 30 years ago. So yeah, it matters.

It also, of course, can really show of the train:



Or the veil, or whatever their calling it these days. I stopped caring long ago. If there is one thing that’ll stop you caring about people, it is their wedding photographs.


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