Fashion And Pain

We all have to dress ourselves, which sucks, because it is hard and difficult and sometimes you don’t want to think about all that nonsense. I get so bored of dressing myself sometimes, I just can’t be bothered to have to choose, I don’t want to put on make-up, and don’t want to have to think about none of that crap. I don’t like make up, not to be maudlin, but what is beautiful about a person is beautiful about them, it is part of them, part of who they are. So leave your face alone and let it be your face.


Trends are sickening. Trends for using a shot glass to make your lips go plump and ridiculous to look more like the latest harvest from the Kardashian/Jenner vortex of pain. Trends for pom pom hats with fur. These trends come and go and are as quickly reviled and ridiculed as they are first revered and rejoiced in. But you remain, you remain after the trend is long dead, after what you bought because of this trend has been thrown into the back of the closet, long after the trend has faded away into the background of history, long after people even know it exists, long after all of this, you will remain. The real you underneath all of that nonsense, the real you that doesn’t change every few months, the real you that you should be expressing at all times as much as you can. The real you, that is what matters.


 But we have to dress, and you can express yourself through what you wear, you can do that and it can be something that empowers you to feel more yourself and more confident in yourself. Also though, you can just not really think about it. You can reject all signifiers, you don’t have to tell anyone anything. It’s actually a little difficult, but it can be done. So do what ever the hell you want.


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