Exciting Wedding Idea 1: Custom Neon!

Everyone wants their special day to be, well, special. You want people to remember your wedding, you want people to be blown away by your wedding, you want people to say ‘Remember that wedding?’ ‘What, Sarah and Charlies?’ ‘No, the other one’ ‘Brian and Charlene’s?’ ‘No, the other one’ ‘What, Clancy and Dancy?’ ‘No’ ‘What, Brain and Ryan?’ ‘No’ ‘What, Carey and Mary?’ ‘No’ ‘What, Jessica and Bob? With the neon?’ ‘Yeah!’. That’s what you want people to say. You want to be memorable.


Bright colours! Explosive references to times past! Stuff like this really gets peoples attention. I feel that neon is especially pertinent here. Neon really burns into peoples memories. With such fantastic neon bar signs available on the market these days it has never been easier or more affordable to add a unique neon touch to your wedding. The good thing about neon is that it provides a wonderful contrast with the whiteness and purity of the traditional wedding suggesting a depth and difference to your conception of this day that celebrates you and your relationship. With a neon sign in the midst of your traditional wedding you are accepting that the world is not this cloud of pastel colors and well chosen flowers. The world is not pure and simple and shampoo and peaches and cream. The world is not all Wimbledon and ball room dancing. The world is grit and grime. It is sin and excess. It is night and noir. the world is neon. ha

So I reckon it is a great idea to neon up your wedding a little. Last wedding I worked they had these custom neon signs hanging of the ceiling of the couples surnames. They were beautiful just as they were but at certain places in the room when you looked at them one would sit in front of the other and the colors and the words wound blend to create something new. It was a wonderful metaphor for the process of marriage. The meeting, joining and mixing of two people, two identities and two lives into one new thing. It is an idea that still holds such value, in my opinion.


So enjoy it!


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